Welcome to the Micro Innovations Web Site!

This site was created to provide free, public domain access to the design information for all of the add-on products created by Micro Innovations (of Reston, Virginia) for the Coleco Adam computer. Each MI product has it's own web page containing all information pertaining to it, including press releases, product description (with photos if available), schematic diagram(s), board layout diagram(s), firmware code listing(s) and installation instructions. Two major items are missing - the MIB3 schematic and the Dual Serial Card installation instructions. They may yet be found, but it also may be possible that they were lost in the closure of Micro Innovations and the subsequent household moves.

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64K Memory Card

64K/256K Memory Cards

1 MB Memory Card

1 MB / 2 MB Memory Cards

Printer Card

Dual Serial Interface Card

Multi-Purpose Interface Boards

AdamNET Floppy Disk Drives

AdamNET Hard Disk Drives

Powermate Floppy/Hard Disk Subsystems

Powermate Hard Disk Drives


  1. No technical support will be provided for these products. The design data provided is for informational purposes only - use it at your own risk. You may freely share or distribute this information with/to others and may use it to repair or partially or wholly reproduce these products, but you may NOT sell this information without prior written approval of the copyright holder.
  2. Two years of web hosting was purchased for this site, starting in December of 2013. There are currently no plans for extending its existence beyond December of 2015. So, if you would like to download any of the data contained here, please do so before that time.
  3. Tony Morehen has given me permission to release the software for the AdamNET Floppy Disk Drives and for the AdamNET Hard Disk Drive. Those files are now included on their respective product pages.

Website updated: July 31, 2014